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2009-04-08 21:35:51 by blahoink

hey guys, i just read this sick story, infection.... you can view it on moopsies ng page or here: /storys.htm

ya its pretty awesome. were gonna try to do a sick collab on this, if moopsie gives us a go.
were gonna need help, so if anyone wants to pitch in, let us know.

BTW... all my animations were just freebies from like 2 years ago, im still working on some kick ass projects right now, promise ill come out with something new in a month.

New Collab

2009-03-08 17:57:07 by blahoink

ok guys were coming out with a new interactive animation, called death-deck. cool thing me and my friends did, and we wanted it to be animated... so here i am.

it might be done in maybe 2 months time. meanwhile, im just gonna come out with a short called 'donuts'

hey guys

2009-02-17 11:56:48 by blahoink

ok yesterday i was snowboarding and i kinda fractured/sprained both my wrists really badly. Plus side is that i can still move my fingers and type (i can move a mouse too) so i guess it all worked out...